That Midday Show was the first live studio program for Knoxville’s newest radio station, WOZO 103.9 FM.  A creation of long time Knoxville radio personality, Aaron Campbell, ‘That Midday Show’ is a first for Knoxville radio.  The show is a purely comedy talk and variety show.  With a focus on connecting you the listener with the comedians who keep Knoxville funny, ‘That Midday Show’, will combine elements of serious talk with improv, sketch comedy, and loose conversation between comedians.  The show maintains an open door policy, and while guests may be booked in advance, at any time there could be a surprise drop in guest.  The show will be unlike anything heard in Knoxville, and will surely become a fan favorite.  So tune in on every Tuesday afternoon at 1 PM on WOZO 103.9 FM Knoxville, TN for the most unpredictable show in Knoxville Radio.


Welcome to WOZO-LP 103.9 FM Knoxville
– Knoxville Community Radio –
– The People’s Radio –

We are a community-based, non-commercial, local low-power FM (LPFM) radio station operating out of The Birdhouse(Fourth & Gill’s community center) near downtown Knoxville, with our antenna located across Lake Loudon.

Our radio signal can be heard as far west as Cedar Bluff, as far north as Fountain City, and as far east as the Knoxville Zoo.

We are also streaming online!

We have more deejays than you can shake a stick at, and they can and do play what they want in a multitude of genres. We air alternative news every day. See our schedule here.

As an LPFM station, we will never air commercials. More than that, we don’t accept sponsors or underwriters at all. We are 100% financed via monthly DJ dues, occasional fundraisers and individual donations.

All of our deejays are volunteers for the station. Want to help out?

WOZO is a joint sponsorship by three non-profit organizations, each of which was assigned their own call letters for the same radio station.

The Birdhouse is a sponsoring organization and our base of operations for the studio. Its assignment is WOZO-LP. This is how we have chosen to identify our station, especially as it is assigned to most of the week, though that does not affect our programming or deejays.

Appalachian Community Fund is a sponsoring organization, assigned to WOZW-LP which covers Wed 9am-5pm each week, though that does not affect our programming or deejays.

United Mountain Defense is a sponsoring organization, assigned to WOGU-LP which covers Wed 6-9am and Thu 1-9am each week, though again that does not affect our programming or deejays.

Disclaimer: Many of our deejays volunteer for the above three organizations.

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