Audio: TMDS 10/27/15

Audio: TMDS 10/27/15
That Midday Show On Demand

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The first few minutes would not be recorded.  Jay Kendrick would open the show.  Our host Aaron Campbell has next to no voice.  That is not a new host it’s just a host with no voice.

We welcomed to the show Jay Kendrick, Chris Seaton, Nic Axton and Jeff Danger from The Late Shift with Nic Axton, Matt Ward and Angel, the Phone Girl.

We would hear about things to be part of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.  The Airsex National Championship will be on November 13 at 10 PM.  It’s a total secret show.

We talk Martian water, open streets, craft beer, craft people, weird paternity, fire alarms, and so much more.  It was a heck of show folks.

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