August 11, 2015 Audio

August 11, 2015 Audio
That Midday Show On Demand

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Special Guest Host: Douglas (aka Matt Compton)

The second show of August would go down as an interesting experiment in radio.  First up was the fact we have a guest host, Matt Compton.  He would get renamed Douglas late in the show as I forgot his name.

So what we know about Matt:

Wants to be a WOZO DJ

Dropped out of UT, but still graduated from there.

Plays guitar

The really drunk guy at The Pilot Light


We talked UT Football, Uber, the weird golf carts, the listening area of the station, why all night gospel radio is fun.

“Juice boxes are only for closers”  We had some fun at the expense of the chess club that meets at the Birdhouse, and other games.  Liz Brook’s thumb was discussed at length.

Random thoughts from Twitter, Columbia House goes bankrupt, Overlays on Pics and Karaoke.

Nic Axton and Jeff Danger would join us for the rest of the show to talk about The Late Shift with Nic Axton, Elvis, and South Knoxville Santa.

Just listen this show was fun!

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