October 5, 2015 Audio

October 5, 2015 Audio
That Midday Show On Demand

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The show would open with Matt Ward, Jay Kendrick, and Angel, the Phone Girl.

Matt would have Georgia on his mind.  Jay would be celebrating his walk from Sutherland Ave to our studio.  Angel, the Phone Girl would tells us she hated her voice.  We would talk about terrible things, Knoxville comedy, and the Scruffy City Hall.

The next segment of the show would be a That Midday Show Exclusive.

We would welcome a woman named Corinna. (Not her actual name) Very Serious Segment

Corinna would wind up on the Vulnerable Persons Registry.  She would be cleared, but her rights to her grandchildren were still eliminated. This is a heartbreaking story.  If you have a story of being effected by DCS please send your story to us at mailbag@thatmiddayshow.com.

The Knoxville Comedy Calendar would be up after.

We would call a number of the Blount County Commissioners who were considering a “Save us from the wrath of God” resolution presented by Karen Miller.  Needless to say we didn’t speak to any of the commissioners.

***Spoiler Alert*** The resolution would not pass because the commission could not stand the heat.

Frank Callo and God and Satan would call us instead, and so would Alex Jones.

Then we would wrap the show up with a look in the Day in History!

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