TMDS 10/13/15

TMDS 10/13/15
That Midday Show On Demand

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Matt Ward, Web Girl Ashley, and Angel, the Phone Girl would kick off our show.  We would get to meet our newest member of the team, Web Girl Ashley.  She will be taking care of our Facebook and Twitter pages during the show and after the show.

Jay Kendrick would arrive a bit late, and would hop in the seat.  Chris Seaton would come in for a quick round of Headline.

We would meet “The Three Dudes” Matthew, Caleb and Billy.  These three young comedians from Dandridge would talk about their Youtube show (Click to watch). They would perform an original skit on our show.

We would then wrap up the show with our first live musical guest.  Larry Warfield would entertain us with four of his awesome songs.

Songs sung live by Larry Warfield

Hiding In Plain Sight

Father Forgive Me

Now I’m Thinkin’

Smoky Mountain Bears

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