TMDS 10/20/15

TMDS 10/20/15
That Midday Show On Demand

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Welcome to another round of the Tuesday Afternoon Cocktail Party that is That Midday Show.  We would welcome to the show: Chris Seaton, Jay Kendrick, Angel, the Phone Girl, Web Girl Ashley, Moe Daniels, Singer Songwriter Parker Pressley and Adam Calvert.

We would open the show with Chris, Jay, Angel, Ashley and Adam Calvert.  We would talk about the Booze Cruise and other happenings.  We would move into Headlines, and we would call Target and other madness.  We would play a round of “Who Said It Best” Jay Kendrick would be a winner over Adam Calvert and host Aaron Campbell.

From there we would talk to music producer, Moe Daniels, on the phone to hear stories about being a producer.

Singer-Songwriter would then sit in the hot chair and would debut his single, Houston, live on the show.

The final few minutes would go directly to Adam Calvert, and that folks was an incredibly packed show.  Enjoy!

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