TMDS August 2, 2016

TMDS August 2, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Funkmaster V, Greg Raines, Chris Seaton, Chris Rogers, and Angel, the Phone Girl all take part in the show.  Aaron starts the phone off by fussing about Knoxville traffic.  Funkmaster V is all into the funk, and his shirt could fly off.  Since it’s August it’s hot in the studio. Everyone agrees that they are ok with Angel getting naked, and Funkmaster nails the fact that Angel is from New York.  We talk about the funk, the 70’s and what was the definition of cool.  We get into the other side of being a wrestler, and even libertarian politics.  We get into a comic book conversation with Chris Rogers and talk about Wonder Woman.  We get into the worse fan bases in the SEC, and fun places to go like Dick’s Last Resort.

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