TMDS August 30, 2016

TMDS August 30, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Greg Raines and Angel the Phone Girl hang out.  Greg tells us about his Teddy Bear.  We talk about legit work from home opportunities, and about working in general.  We get into alternative superheroes and that brings on The Tick.  You can’t go to the All Corvette Show in Carlisle, PA and not talk about Corvettes.  However, Aaron is not a fan of car shows.  The 2016 Corvette Grand Sport in torch red is sex on wheels.  More studio grievances get aired about having to go without air conditioning.  We get into why Chris Brown needs to go.  Bring it on girly man.  We talk about Knoxville wrestling legend, Mr. Fuji, who passed away.  We talk about JFK Jr and his avoidance of politics and the theory that he may have put forward covertly.  Fun show folks.


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