TMDS August 9, 2016

TMDS August 9, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Hello everyone!  Michael David Anderson returns to the studio.  Angel is also with us as she always is.  We continue to have headphone and other issues with studio equipment because folks at the station can not leave good enough alone.  We talk about injuries to small children, and talk about sports injuries.  Then further talk about olympic sports.  We discuss the gruesome death of a child in an accident at an amusement park.  Michael David Anderson reads his short story “The Witching Hour”

We get invaded by our friends Terry Snow and Chase Dyer who come by to talk about the new film “Til Morning” which will be going into production.  Chris Rogers and Kenny Dowell, from Knox by Night, come by to hang out and chat with us too.

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