TMDS July 12, 2016

TMDS July 12, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Knox by Night joins us for the first time!  Chris Seaton drops by to talk about and break down The Final Deletion.  No one other than Chris is playing Pokemon Go!  He was all over the whole Pokemon Go phenom.  The Final Deletion was a special by Impact Wrestling.  The match involves the Hardy Boys, and who can use the name Hardy.  It’s hilariously bad.  Aaron and Chris provide commentary.  The legendary couch of the studio has now gone.  We meet Knox By Night:  Jason Vandergriff, Chris Rogers and Buford Watson.  (Our host does call him Bubba the whole damn show)  Knox by Night sketch comedy is from Youtube.  Our recorder would fail during the broadcast so we don’t have the whole show.

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