TMDS July 19, 2016

TMDS July 19, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Comedian Greg Raines joins us along with Knox by Night with special guest, Chris Roger’s son Logan.  Chris Seaton kicks off the show by talking about Harambe, the RNC, and Antonio Sabato Jr.  He also declares Angel valid for the first ten minutes of the show.  We then switch to wrestling and announcers.  Alex Jones stops by to discuss things.  We get sponsored by Crazy Aunt Louise’s Bathroom Bar B Que.  We also talk about fast food.  We talk about video games…as in at the arcade and other 80’s games.  Along with the upcoming NES Classic.  We also talk about very fertile women.  We get into the deeper discussion of Ghostbusters.  Greg also tells us about being a side show performer.  We also get into cover songs. It’s another weird and wonderful show. Download and take us in your pocket and listen.

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