TMDS July 26, 2016

TMDS July 26, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Greg Raines, Angel, the Phone Girl, Mark Viola, Knox By Night all stop by to hang out.  Headphones are a total issue again right at the top of the show.  Then again studio changes are a thing during this show.  We decide we are not about the sappy love music.  We also let everyone know about things that were happening. We talk about the upcoming Sega Mega Drive Classic console.  Alex Jones calls us from the DNC.  Chris Seaton also checks in from the DNC.  We talk about what was going on at the DNC, and how ridiculous things were getting.  Rep. Andy Holt calls in.  We talk about Martin Daniel and Steve Hall’s fight on Newstalk 98.7.  Mark Viola stops by to talk about being a road comic, weird shows, and wild moments from the road.

It’s another weird and wild show.

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