TMDS July 5, 2016

TMDS July 5, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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With an audience (Not really) Boston McCown hangs out with Angel and Aaron and they talk about the July 4th fireworks and ways that the holiday was celebrated.  We also pulled out some wine because it was finally legal to purchase in grocery stores.  Boston isn’t a wine guy, unless it’s zin.  Dogs hate vacuums.  Aaron talks about Uber happenings.  Dr. Phil calls in again.  Angel had an experience with a hippy.  Theories about Hannibal Lecter was had, and much much more.  You better listen or we will enjoy you with a nice Chianti.  Chris Seaton drops by in a panic to talk about Hilary, and mentions that he will be going to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.  He also woos us with his singing style.  The Chick also comes to hang out with us. Alex Jones calls in and demands a safe space and Rush Limbaugh even appears on the show.  We also talk about Ghostbusters.  Trust me this show gets weird near the end.  You got to listen.

P.S. Deconbrio’s version of Ghostbusters is left in the recording for your enjoyment.

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