TMDS March 29, 2016

TMDS March 29, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Michael David Anderson, Angel and DJ Holly What are hanging out at the studio.  We talk about changing social media including MySpace and Ello.  Angel did sign up for a MySpace account.  Mike talks about his big dog.  Our host hates his age.  We talk about Holly’s show Down 2 Brunch, Instagam mastery, art and photography.  We go into our history and talk about our high schools.  We even talk about online dating.  It’s a hodge podge show!  Chris Seaton shows up with MASSIVE Sideburns!  We get a progress update on Silenced.  We play a game as we evolved the name to Cinema-abstrat.  *We are up to name suggestions*  Ted Marov stops by.

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