TMDS May 17, 2016

TMDS May 17, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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From our perch at The Nest from the Birdhouse.  Welcome to spring.  It’s all good.  Our host it in a happy happy mood.  3 weeks away from our 1 year spectacular.  Aaron talks about QED’s karaoke show from the night prior.  Did he sing the song that was being pushed at the show?  No…instead he failed to Katy Perry.  Yep…fail like a Firework!!!  Tyler Sonnichsen showed up to promote the 1 year of Saw Works First Friday comedy.  John Miller comes by to hang out.  John throws down on how to get a better date through Tinder.  We talked about Snatch…the movie!  *Get your mind out of the gutter* Jared Nipper and Elijah Craan paid us a visit to talk about the Chattanooga comedy scene and alternative comedy.  Michael David Anderson swings by to hang out with the party too. Hooks for hands are totally something that got talked about.

Hoobastank is basically Journey meets Nickleback.

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