TMDS November 1, 2016

TMDS November 1, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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McKay and Angel, the Phone Girl hang out as we preview the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.  Aaron can’t find a good place to wear his headphones without getting feedback.  We talk about how Halloween went for everyone.  Direct TV Now is finally released to everyone.  We talk about some fantasy football.  Tesla announced it’s new solar power system.  We talk about the biggest house in Tennessee since it was sold at auction.  Villa Colina is a $14+ million house right here in  Knoxville.  We talk about the Vols, why folks are being stupid wanting to fire Butch Jones, and Jalen Hurd’s decision to leave the team.

Angel finds it hilarious that Aaron can’t get close to his microphone because of his headphones.  We play a game guessing how much Neiman-Marcus collard greens and baked bean medley’s cost. *Hint* ITS FREAKING EXPENSIVE. We then determine how we want to go get some of that sweet Neiman-Marcus money by selling authentic Moonpies and RC Cola.  Who won Halloween…Aaron said Taylor Swift because she went as Deadpool in the suit from the movie, and Neil Patrick Harris went full out.

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