TMDS November 22, 2016

TMDS November 22, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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We welcome Caleb Ottinger to the studio for the first time along with McKay, Greg and Angel who come back for more.  It has taken a turn for the cold.     We try to guess What Angel is thinking… Aaron laments to the lack of mics in the studio.  It’s Angel’s Birthday.  Ted Marov calls in to the show and we learn about him from being from the Soviet Union.  We await on Felissa Rose to give us a call.  We talk about Goldberg and his major win against Brock Lesner.  We hatch a plan to make Braziero’s in Knoxville quiver when we send Aaron, Boston, Greg, and McKay to have dinner.  We talk about our favorite part of Thanksgiving with our good friend Darren Price.    We hear from Knox by Night, and continue having a real good time.  Just listen to the show.  9 out of 10 Doctors don’t recommend it.

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