TMDS October 11, 2016

TMDS October 11, 2016
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We welcome McKay to our show.  Angel, the Phone girl has a free sandwich.  Aaron can’t settle on background music.  We talk about karaoke.  We talk about UT Vol football from the past weekend at Texas A&M and Alabama.  We talk about the heart attack finish of the UT v Georgia game.    We listen to Knox by Night’s Tide Wedding.  Greg Raines shows up and we talk Alabama hijinks.    Boston arrives and we find out his truck was stolen and the rest of his no good stinkin weekend.  We find out that he lost some notebooks and boy band duct tape.  Snoop Dogg has weed flavored beer.  We FINALLY find out we are part of The Scruffy City Comedy Festival a month after everyone else.  Ruth’s Chris learns a hard lesson.  We talk about hockey and sports.  Aaron talks about beard growing.  Billy Bush gets fired and Shaline Woodley goes to jail.  We come up with the best name for a nursing home.  Getting hit by a truck is not on anyone’s list.  We talk about the American Music Award nominees.   We talk about Sam Kinison, southern liberal comedy and Jeff Foxworthy plus other comics.  We talk about accents, losing and origin of accents, and the weirdness of southern charms.  This show was wild in a lot of ways and you need to listen.

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