TMDS October 25, 2016

TMDS October 25, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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We discover that our host hates his birthday as McKay, Angel, Chris Seaton, Ted Marov and special guest Jenn Synder hang out to celebrate.  We talk the election and the movie Silenced with Seaton.  We talk about the Rock and Roll and Baseball Hall of Fame votes.  We discover that Angel knows the exact times things happen.  We talk about who is the highest paid on syndicated TV.  McKay feels like he is taking his life walking up the studio stairs.  Chris Seaton calls in to say hi to Jenn Snyder.  Jenn describes her love of the Simpsons.  We read the ultimate Volunteer obituary.  We talk the King of Queens.  We smell what the Rock was cooking.  Heavy Metal Hard Rock Scandinavian Kids Dinosaur Singing Group.  Weird and wild with Jenn Snyder!

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