TMDS September 20, 2016

TMDS September 20, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Greg Raines, Angel, the Phone Girl and The Chick kick off That Midday Show.  Our top of the show headphone issues continue as always, but adjustments were made and all was good.  We start off with with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce.  Blount County get’s thrown under the bus.  We had a successful fundraiser for the radio station.  We listen to Aaron attempting to catch himself on fire.  Well he was lighting a bonfire, and sadly was just smoked.  He did lose his arm hair.  This lead to party exploits.  We talk about Game of Thrones and Lyft comes to town. We talk about country music, and the Scruffy City Comedy Festival.  We talk about the Healthy Stripper Bill that came out in a state legislature.  Billy Gillman on the Voice, and is that fair since he was #1.  Game Shows totally came up because The Price is Right has began it’s 45th season.  It is the longest running TV game show.  We also got into Aaron’s childhood, and discover what is wrong with him.  He talks about Love Connection, and Press Your Luck both debuting 33 years prior.  Michael Larson get’s talked about.    The studio get’s a beating too.  It’s a great show and you should totally listen.


PS COREY FELDMAN on the Today show.

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