TMDS September 6, 2016

TMDS September 6, 2016
That Midday Show On Demand

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Aaron, Angel and Greg Raines kick off the show.  Our traditional headphone problem continues right off the start.  Greg talks about handling guys who act like jerks.  We talk about Howard Stern and Mancow and various other radio folks.  Aaron recommends a few comedy books for aspiring comedians and things annoying to comedians.  How to handle hecklers also makes its way into the conversation.  Boston McCown drops by.  We talk about the new Friendlytown show.  Facebook changed it’s way of getting things on it’s trending topics, and we can’t really talk about the notorious McChicken video.  Aaron tells his damn ear piercing story again. *Hint* Bikers still involved.  By the way Boston McCown’s Dance Party was a real thing. It happened.

SUPER SPECIAL GUEST:  DREW MORGAN stops by to talk about the Well RED Comedy Tour, finding fame on the road, being a quaterback, and interesting stories on the road.

Jay Kendrick and Bridgette Martin stop by to just let it rip too.

Just listen because this was a show was epic.

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