July 14, 2015 Recap

It’s Our Sixth Show!!!

So now that we have survived for our sixth week, some changes have happened. First and probably most notable is that the website has changed.  The official logo is now on the website, and the website has an updated look.  The show is recorded this week.  However, our new Coredy DGV-100M recorder crapped out on us after 27 minutes of recording.  However, what it recorded sounds great.

(Note: Tried to call their tech support, but they aren’t accepting calls. Shame it seemed like a nice recorder. However, it is a totally new product and I may have one that is defective. So Coredy if you are reading this…let’s chat I could be of help for you in the R&D Sphere.)

So we switched to the laptop for recording and it sounds ok.  Which is better than last week with no audio what so ever.

We are now on Stitcher and iTunes.

iTunes can be found here…iTunes

Stitcher can be found here…Stitcher Website … Our Page on Stitcher  … Google Play for Android … Apple App Store

We welcome their partnership in taking our show to you wherever you are.

Chris Seaton would stop by and play a round of “Good Reasons to Kill Someone” and another edition of Headlines!

That would pretty much sum up the show.  Please join us again next Tuesday starting at 1 PM on WOZO-LP 103.9 FM in Knoxville and on Stitcher and iTunes.

The Playlist

(The Playlist are the songs we use during breaks in the show. They aren’t in the on-demand version, but are the songs that are played on the live broadcast.)
Phil Collins – Another Day in Paradise
America – A Horse with No Name
The Beatles – Across the Universe
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Hollywood Nocturne
Billy Bragg– A New England
Jamiroquai – Alright
Natasha St. Pier – All I Have is My Soul
Billy Joel – Allentown
George Thorogood – I Drink Alone

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