September 1, 2015 Recap

This show would start off different and it would stay that way.  We would debut the new theme song for the show.  We have decided to debut a new theme song for the show.  A much more blues oriented theme seems to fit the personality of the show, and that is now reflected in our theme.

The last few weeks we have been hosting guests from EGO Pro Wrestling. Sam Donnelly and Michael Shibley are both local comedians and there is a high profile match between Sam Donnelly and today’s guest Warren Peace.

Chris Seaton, Warren Peace and your host Aaron Campbell would be engaged in a rather heated exchange for the opening 33 minutes of the show.  Quite possibly one of the craziest exchanges ever heard on Knoxville radio.

The segment would be ended abruptly because it was on its way to be fully out of hand.

The rest of the show would be Aaron and Angel, the Phone Girl talking about 90’s TV Theme Music, #DescribeMyJobToa5YearOld, and The Day that Was.

It was a show folks.

The Playlist

Queen – Radio Ga Ga

Billy Joel – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Syd Barrett – Scream Thy Last Scream

James Brown – Living in America

ABBA – The Winner Takes It All

Phil Collins – Another Day in Paradise

Natasha St. Pier – Mourir Demain ft. Pascal Obispo

Manolo – Night Rhythm

War – The World is a Ghetto

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