How Seaton Saved Christmas (December 22, 2015)

Christmas show! Angel, the phone girl, tells the audience that Aaron shot her dog. Santa Seaton shows up. Santa Kendrick arrives Santa Agreda Arrives However, the RAP BATTLE with CHRISTMAS IN HOLLIS is the moment!  Just listen *A That Midday Show Rarity* I left the Christmas Music In…enjoy!

That Midday Show 12/8/2015

J.C. Ratliff finally appears on That Midday Show. We also welcome our friends from The Late Shift with Nic Axton who take over the second half of the show. Nic Axton and Jeff Danger take over and do a live taping of The Late Shift on our show.

That Midday Show 11/10/15

It’s Chris Seaton’s Birthday!  It’s also the Scruffy City Comedy Festival Preview.  Join Matt Ward, Jay Kendrick, Chris Seaton and host Aaron Campbell to discuss the 2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festival. The Playlist Abba – The Winner Takes It All Daniel Powter- Bad Day Vertical Horizon – Only the best I ever had Elton John … Read more…

Audio: TMDS 11/03/15

Well we did #LetJaggerSpeak on That Midday Show.  Jagger Sterling did speak on our show, but we will be damned if some hooded goons from Great American Wrestling didn’t come in and destroy the first 40 minutes of our show.  So if you didn’t hear Jagger Sterling speak…then you missed it. Chris Seaton would also … Read more…

August 11, 2015 Audio

Special Guest Host: Douglas (aka Matt Compton) The second show of August would go down as an interesting experiment in radio.  First up was the fact we have a guest host, Matt Compton.  He would get renamed Douglas late in the show as I forgot his name. So what we know about Matt: Wants to … Read more…

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